Assalamualaikum wbt

The nation politics is crowning, well at least it made all people talk about politics. I am glad to be back home at these episodes. Senangla aku nak bercerita sama cucu cicit nanti, sebab kalau setakat baca kat buku sejarah…er, hehe. And my mind couldn’t agree more on the propriety quality set up for scholars. So defiantly, i found myself subscribing to the internet democracy, a term popularised by Tun Dr M. (intro yang keluar tajuk.

For the past two years, lately especially, i relish 2 different environment. Family or friends time, is extremely good. However, shunning has been rewarding as well. If people are watchful enough, i rarely walks in pack in Dublin. I chose to.

Behold, for the past 2 semesters, i am not amazed with the weight loss and all. Hectic super is common for a lot of people in dublin. Bilik kat ireland tak lebih dari tempat tidur, atau transit sebelum ke meeting/benda lain. With the academic stuff being unacceptably demanding, i am thankful Semester 4 it’s now over. The worries that i kept inside for symposium is now gone, since the program, went on i wouldn’t say successfully enough, but satisfying. At least it sparks a good continuation.

Family at home, great friends here and everywhere at lectures and events. Apart from that, im a shunning company.

With all the commitments i have now, there are so much to think. But as a human scripts supposed to be, tale of woes happen a lot lately. But sometimes what irks me so much is that i cannot spend time to cry. Or should i be thankful for that…? Hence, when the not-so-good things happen, i have to think about it when waiting for the fail-to-catch-bus at the bus stops (hehe), walking for groceries or inside the bus (though this time is spent mostly at cloud gazing). And there goes the intense face, at an unexpectedly leisure hour. Sometimes it aches so badly, that you have to hold your tears in public. As much as other people wanted to grieve in your very own space, i wanted it too. But the time when i arrived at my room, all i can do is do the last blink and sleep.

But people say, you won’t be thankful for something you have in excess. Thus, few times,  when i have couple of minutes before sleeping, and being able to drop tears at the right place without eyes watching, i value it so much. I think that defines ‘the kind of quality time when you are sad’.

Hehe. Sad stories huh. Chill, im not in a sad mode. Reminiscing only.

By the way, i have always wanted to play flute. It seems like a good combination with poetry and solitary. The excuse? I couldn’t spend time, again. Tapi takpalah, bujang-bujang ni biarlah aku berpesatuan banyak-banyak. Dah berkeluarga nanti mesti kurang amal-amal macam ni.

Shakuhachi is a Japanese flute. cute name by the way. mcm bunyi bersin. Shaaakkooohaaaachiii!



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