A Stroll With My Little Girl

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hitherto, my Apple is still in workshop. Suprisingly in the emotional roar, a nice father & daughter story came to my mind. Literature do shadows figurative feelings, though not exact. I walked back fast to the IT lab, and scribbled the part.

Credit to Rosnal yang ada dalam lab IT ni, kemudian menjawab soalan2 seperti

“eh, sapu tangan dalam bahasa inggeris apa eh?”

A Stroll With My Little Girl

She hold my hand and stood up.
“Papa, I don’t want to do this anymore…”
“My girl has never give up, hasn’t she?”
She gaze down bottom, and gapping her toes.
……..She let go her grip and gait forward.
And again she fall down. and still for few moments,
She look at a dying stem poking a hole on her fringe,
And her palms turning black for the country soil.
……..She shed her tears, she began to weep.
“I hate you Papa. You made my white skirt black”
I smiled at her glaring tears. “Papa can never hate you back,
If Papa hates you and leaves you here, you can’t be home again honey,”
……..She sat quietly in an innocent bitterness,
And not looking at me,
I kneel down for my unrivalled sweetheart,
And try to catch her eluding face with a hankie from a late wife.
“Papa, look!”
……..A pair of winsome moving creature caught her eyes. A rabbit it is.
And she moves her knees, rising unwaveringly,
She begins her pace, aftering her flame.
And finally she walks, catching her joy of bliss.
……..And today I behold my little girl walks,
Even she walks not because of me,
That was enough to bloom the heart of a father,
Who sees her daughter strolls
……………as how angelic doves flown in the free skies.



8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mior Faiq on October 8, 2008 at 5:10 am

    Hrmm, that’s a very sweet poem indeed. I am still impressed with your ability and creativity in composing such great literature and it goes way back since we were in MRSM. Keep it up. I am sure you’ll smile alone when you look back at this masterpiece perhaps 20 years from now. Only one thing bothers me. It’s about the picture you used. I seriously and sincerely believe that this one is much cuter. Hehe 😉


  2. Posted by hamstermenulis on October 8, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    i write poems when i don’t overly excited and sad, am i? if i were to see my poems 6 years back…it was different kot in terms of mood. this time mood dia mcm irish2. hahaha. (iyo lah tu) by the way, rabbit in ur link is too pampered. org kaya kot bela. habis menggelebeh pipi. haha. mine here is just nice, chubby and has that innocent look.


  3. Posted by hamstermenulis on October 8, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    when i overly excited and sad (mana dtg don’t)


  4. Posted by Mior Faiq on October 9, 2008 at 6:28 am

    Haaa? Don’t you see how sad the rabbit is? That suggest the hardship that it went through for the whole of it’s life. So, ‘pampered’ is not a proper word to be associated to the poor rabbit. Mesti orang2 papa kedana yang own it. Overly excited or sad. Those are two extremes of emotion. So, I presume your poems must have reflected what you were feeling the moment you wrote it down. Based on this one, I just wanna say, cheer up okay? 🙂


  5. its been very long since I left a comment here.

    Actually im quite dissaponted with our IT workshop. I sent my laptop to them last week, and to make things short…. they repaired everything in like a day or 2.. Unfortunately, they, I dont know why, didn’t inform me that my laptop is ready for collection that I have wait and go to the IT department myself to know whats happening. So frustrating. They could have sent me a notification email… Its not that they are going to spend a penny by sending me that very email…

    (sorry melalut cket)

    A lovely poem.. The emotion behind it is very well presented. I really love this kind of straight forward poem where u need not a dictionary to understand the underlying meaning.

    Digging into people’s thought through their poem is to me, very exciting as you can really understand them. And its more special if they are your friends!


  6. Posted by hamstermenulis on October 10, 2008 at 2:32 am

    thanks! to be exact im not like sad, its more because im stuck with too many tasks to be finished in a short time. so when i should consider every seconds with efficiently doing stuff, i ended up in the IT lab and scribble something. daa…obvious gila tu rabbit org kaya. mine is arnab hutan.

    Asreh- thanks too! i feel sorry for your laptop case, same here with me, tak dapat2 lagi. and since beaumont is like hours away, mcm mana nak pergi check hari2. mmg kena tggu email jugak, sbb aku punya tukar sparepart. huhu

    thanks for the compliment. i was rhythmic dulu, but i found that rhytmic has its costs. u cant really express the literature and emotion due to limited words to match the rhyme. (btw, i just found a rhytmic dictionary jual kat eason, canggih betui dunia skrg) so im going for a frank simple poem now. hopefully a kind of emily dickinson’s and rudyard kipling’s touch.


  7. Salam Chetz..

    Kenapa yerkk..rasenye cerita tentang seorg bapa n anak compared to seorang emak n anak lebih touching n looks sweeeet for me…ehee..

    Nice peom though=) arnab tuh memang macam takde perasaan jerk..lol =p


  8. Posted by hamstermenulis on October 14, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    huhu..aku rs sbb ayah2 ni mmg payah nak express sayang dia kat anak. jd bila mereka express, nampak mcm sweet betul. mak2 ni selalu sgt kot tunjuk kasih sayang, jd bila mereka express. nampak cam biasa-biasa ja. kesian mak kita ye.

    weh, arnab tu comel…innocent!:D


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