Pangs of Conscience


When shadows of guilt sprung on me, I began to helplessly beseech taking my temple down to the ground.


Where unspoken words became so clear and explicit, when sentiments became fair, without no whispering.


Which the heart learn that You plan the best, and the eyes’ gaze seeps through the rug reflecting the Here and wondering the After.

Because He knows everything.Have I been the ungrateful one, for turning to You when only I am painfully entangled. Forgive my foolishness, o The Great Forgiver.

Lately, I have made myself a lot of aching decisions, which I prefer not to make. To understand that people are a lot more in pain than I am, the blues compounded. To understand that nothing I can do to amend pain, is agony. To understand that I am caught with hopefuls encounter, which guilt, innocence and friction contained in it, I surrender.

I surrender to You, Allah swt.



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