One Down

Assalamualaikum wbt

Apa khabar anda? Entri ringan hari ni.

Well, to begin and to be frank, I had never finish any fiction books after I turned 12, I think. I even upah a classmate to narrate me how The Pearl (novel SPM) ends. Julia, not even half. Luckily alhamdulillah, there are heaps of Babysteps and literature component book to get me through the papers.

It’s not that I don’t have this quest to expand my imaginative scaffold. I just…can’t presevere. Pre+severe. Preparing for something severe. (I had just noticed this when glancing at the word) Hoho.

But lately, it has come to a stage that I had enough of Medicine. Mind you that I am not surviving this because I wanted to be a Dr. I do it because I have to do it. Not my parents, not anyone’s fault. It was just my ignorance to the thousands of options available rather than Medicine and Engineering. But when I joined IMAM and heard Prof Latiff, I think I have met my grip to survive this, to fully understand that I should do this brilliantly, Lillahi Taala, for agama Allah. In fact, it offers me more space to sprout my ikhlas since I am not doing this because of me, because I wanted to.

But I just don’t know what happened to me lately. Allah knows how many classes I dozed off. Especially last week Monday. 8 or 9 class. I slept half of the 4. I just can’t forced myself for this jejune module. When I read the nominations for Class Reps PMC Polls, I was thinking, if I were to be one of the PMCs, my list gonna be

a. The most sleepiest in the class
b. The most dozed off and caught by lecturers glance.
c. The most caught surfing email while class
d. The most caught chewing sweets to avoid sleeping.

So, I started doing things, different things, not reading medicine notes or books. So, let me prove you my yield this week, for unable to fight Medicine these 2 weeks. I had…

Read this. While waiting for bus and lecturers. Fiction. Great stories, but it must comes with great consideration and pondering since it is prejudiced and biased. For me, when you read books, it can be sentiments. You read the author’s points of view. Even Khaled Hosseini notices this. “I am always writing for the audience of one,” he said. Mind you, non fiction doesn’t escape this as well. Tescopoly from a Brits for example, interesting arguements, but very personal arguements. Perhaps, a more academical or statistical arguements can buy people consideration of shunning Tesco.

another one, just one chapter. On my way to complete the six Jane Austen’s. When I read other books than Jane Austen’s I began to notice that, sebenarnya mencari masalah membaca Jane Austen ni. You spent minutes to think of her drift. But who cares, the language is fantastic.

and I even drew a picture of tulips, using oil paint. Debut with oil paint after using pencils for so long. Huhu. Not a pretty one, but tempting enough for a second one after exams soon. Nope, not putting it here. Hehe.

And lately, my weakness began to resurface. I cannot fight my own emotion, despite of being called konon-konon superwoman. That’s why I said to my comrades, that I am too undeserving for that title.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Salam.

    My sister yang tak suka baca buku pun boleh habis a thousand splendid suns tu dalam 5 hari. Mungkin buku tu bagus untuk memupuk minat membaca?
    *Rasa aku spelling sebenarnya PERsevere, maksudnya sabar mencapai tahap langit.


  2. Posted by hamstermenulis on November 29, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    huhu cemana aku google spelling dia kuar presevere. huhu. betul2, persevere. (asyik kantoi grammar ngan spelling ngan ko)

    he writes in such a way that make people engage to the story, wanting to know what happens next so badly. what sentiments or points that he wanna prove. smpikan aku sanggup harap aku terlepas bus, so i can buy more time reading it.

    the language is fantastic. easy to understand, beautifully written:D

    (i’m hoping to commence the book u told me soon, doakan perseverance aku:)


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