Gazing You, Gaza

Assalamualaikum wbt

Kudos to my roommate or more professionally, my colleague (ecece) Adila for sharing with me this link, a daily diary of a young man whose education rights and life serenity has been ripped off by the vile Israel. The one that will make you realized how this people life are at stake and how noble they are for what they go through, and to remain unwavering, to stand for their faith, Islam.

“A few metres away I hear a loud explosion. The shelling is becoming more intense and rockets are also falling. I can see smoke from a building that is behind my house. The UNRWA building is close to where I am and my colleague has told me that the building has been hit. Shelling is going on. Sounds of explosions are shaking the house. The family is gathered in one room so we can make sure that everyone is OK. My mother shouts out to make sure that we are all with her in the room. My sister-in-laws are with us and the children and we crouch down on the ground in case the glass from the windows shatters and hits us.  I can hear the neighbour’s children crying and shouting. My sister called earlier and said she will try and make it to our home. She has three young daughters and a son and we don’t think she will make it as it’s not safe for her to travel.  Some family friends are now on the way to a UN shelter – they wanted to come and stay with us but it was simply too dangerous for them to make their way here. I can see thick black smoke covering the sky and the smoke is getting thicker and blocking the sun. The fighting is becoming closer to our homes and the soldiers are now in urban areas. What scares me is that that our homes could come under attack and there will be more death and destruction”

Dina, 4, is one of at least 27 children killed in Israeli attacks since Saturday. (Reuters)

Gazing Gaza.

I, sense irony,
For my 22 years old is nothing but comfort and luxury,
And your 4 years old was agony with dignity.

I, am admiring,
For my nights are mostly the tame school tasks,
But yours are devoted prayers, for it may be the last,
In chorus with the vile razen your land crust,
Burning them to the silent witnessing dust.

I, am crestfallen,
For your day begin with the hope for a just,
But shaken with unceasing detonated glass,
That dashes your education and wreck your class.

I, am praying,
For you and the martyrs, are the most heroic casts,
May Him grant you,
The Most Blessed Hearts.

(Saturday, 4.11am)

“…My colleague is asking me how I’m coping with the situation and how I overcome my fear. I take a deep breathe and try and explain as best I can. During the day when I’m out working with the Islamic Relief team I stay strong and never show the exhaustion or the fear. I’m there to help people who in many cases have nothing. When I get home I try and stay strong for my family especially my nieces and nephews who are very young and frightened. At night when I read the evening prayer I can’t control myself and I cry and cry all night. In the morning I leap up and force myself to shake all the despair and hurt and get ready to go out and try and help the people of Gaza”



2 responses to this post.

  1. dude!

    is this ur poem ha?
    hafta do a song for this…words die bess!

    (i’ll only do it if u allow me to do so)



  2. Posted by hamstermenulis on February 5, 2009 at 1:41 am

    Rasa-rasanya memang aku yang menulis di malam exam itu. hehe. sila2. the copy right is granted. tapi korang antara girls2 je kan song2 ni? hehe.


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