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A Looong Halt

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Summer is reaching its end. And when I had noticed that only few days are left, half of me is in the dumps and the other half is pretty excited. Am not intuitive enough to call myself a clairvoyant, but this happens everytime school starts – homesick. To see my younger brothers sleep peacefully and gaming in excitement has been a pleasure that makes missing home a sure thing.  But a piece from Surah At Taghabun had lifted my spirit – Your riches and your children may be but a trial: but in the Presence of Allah, is the highest, Reward.

And this summer has been a journey to understand some strong concepts in life. Some basics that a 7 year old kid might understand first than me. And summer has its own glee and despair, success and disappointment. But, it’s okay. Alhamdulillah.

I am quite clueless about what to write, since quite a lot of good-stories-worth-to-share took place throughout the halt. And I am actually losing the vocabs and oh-how-to-make-engaging sentences as well. And this post, sungguh melancholic bunyinya.

Tak apalah, I’ll share a simple story, no heavy elements here.

I drive occasionally, in some summer perhaps. But never ‘challenged’ myself to fill in the tank on my own. And on one fine day, I had tempted to do so.

Me: Pakcik, RM20 yang nombor 2.

Pakcik: Okay.

Me: Terima kasih.

(tunggu dengan muka mengharapkan resit atau apa2 prove pembayaran)

Pakcik: Eh, dah ar.

Me: Oooooo. (ish, malunya)

(patah balik)

Me: Pakcik, saya isi RM20 je tapi kat situ RM40. (ingatkan dapat berlaku jujur)

Pakcik: Adoi, isi la dulu, nanti dia jadi la RM20.

Me: Oooooo.

(Isi cepat-cepat dan cuba cari stesen minyak lain untuk isi minyak di masa akan datang)