Assalamualaikum wbt
Lama mendiamkan diri. Terperangkap dalam kesibukan yang aku ciptakan sendiri. Tidur berlebih-lebihan dalam kesuntukan yang kian menekan. Bagasi masih belum terisi. Pulang masih terngiang-ngiang di hati separa girang. Separa kerana ada kerja yang masih belum sempurna ku kira. Ah.

For the second entry, I would like to pass you a story that happened to me in Brussels. Perhaps some of you had ran into this kind before, I mean in real life.

On the last hours we were in Brussels city, we ran into the 3rd last bus. We thought we gonna miss it, but too bad, that wasnt even the last. The last bus was actually 2 hours before. (hangit betui dengan pakcik counter yang bagi salah info ni)
We opted a taxi for an hour journey that might costs us hundreds buck. But cash ran low. Nobody brings that much cash for a day trip. The Middle East origin taxi driver agreed for a €120 maximum fare.

5 minutes after the journey began

Taxi driver: Are you Philipines? Are you Muslims?
Me: Malaysians. Yup, we are Muslims.
Taxi driver: Have you heard of Khomeini? Is he famous in your country? I am from Iran by the way.
Me: Yes. But I reckon Ahmadinejad is more popular now. Very few of my people know them well back home, a lot of my people are still politically insensitive.
Taxi driver: Owh. Who do you prefer by the way?

(i kept the following conversation for myself. memendekkan cerita. but i was so glad that i stumbled into this conversation. its not easy to find people who dig your political preferences, provided you are a girl)

This taxi driver was keeping ‘intervals’. After one topic conversation, he turned on his radio in utter silence. Then when he find something to talk, he stopped the music.

Taxi driver: What do your country practise? Democracy?
Me: Yeah, i think so. But it isnt a true one.
Taxi driver: What do you mean by that?
Me: For instance, students and government servants are not allow to talk politics. The kind of politics which contradicts the governing party.
Taxi driver: That’s not democracy. That’s dictator. (thumbs up pakcik)

Pasang musik lagi.

Taxi driver: Do you pray? Do your people pray?
Me: We do. In general, a lot of our people are practising Muslims, but a lot don’t too.
Taxi driver: I used to pray. (i used?)
Me: What made you stop?
Taxi driver: Back in Iran, we are obliged to pray. But after i was 18, i stopped. After i knew sciences.
Me: What do you mean by that? Islam and sciences are proves each other relevance.
Taxi driver: Scientists go all over the earth and search to the furthest galaxy, but they never found God.
Me: But if they do find God, then God isn’t God. And about galaxy, scientists never mention they found the furthest galaxy, they found a new one each day.
Taxi driver: Tell me how many years humans live on Earth?
Me: (hehe. aku lupa) Earth was created 4 billion years ago. (Thanks to HDS notes)
Taxi driver: The first human lived 3 million years ago. Before that, there were only animals and monkey. (dia nak mula teori darwin dia dah…) The monkeys lived on tree until one of them stepped onto the ground. Then gradually, the monkey became human.

(ceh shallow gila, is this the kind of science that made you change your stand? this is ‘najis lembu’, not science. i don’t speak this one sebab Najlaa ngan Shamsiah dah risau2 kang aku celupar sgt sampai pakcik tu cancel €120, meter dah €100 lebih)

Me: That made you changed your belief?!
Taxi driver: Yeah, i believe in science very much. When i came here, i chose to study Computer. But eventually i became a taxi driver.
Me: But if you dig in religion, Islam told us science very early in Quran. The kind of science you were saying is a theory that wasnt even proved. Do you believe in the day where everything is destroyed?
Taxi driver: Definitely, in 5 billions time. (dah agak dah, facts and figures betui pakcik ni). Scientists have calculated that in 5 billions time sun will lose its power and stop powering Earth. Now they are in the research of finding a new planet so human can be transferred there, so there will be no Armageddon.
Me: I believe it can happen anytime, in fact, tomorrow is a possibility.

(the taxi driver continued with his theory and facts and figures. that reminds me of the teaching from a very famous Imam (Imam Syafie if im not mistaken)

Unhealable disease:
“The person who asked for guidance, but he did not understand, and he tried to understand by looking through his unwise window”

I would like to rebut more, at least to make him think my words back, but too bad we arrived at Charleroi with the meter displaying €149.90.

This incident hit me so bad. I think this is a real call for me to start realizing, it is a dire need to sharpen my skill of dakwah, the art of spreading true words. This is not even a non Muslim, he was ‘just’ a Muslim who left his belief.

Actually i was about to say this one, “If you really believe in theories and formulas, facts and figures, why do you drive taxis after you finish you computer studies? Theoretically, aren’t you supposed to be a computer man?” Tapi mcm takut bunyi kurang sopan pulak.


1 – hehe..helo helo..nice blog =)

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Written by: Anonymous at 2008/06/05 – 04:47:11

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by irhafiz on June 17, 2008 at 10:29 am

    pak cik ni ada problem. ajak je dia pegi web harun yahya.
    situ semua ada bukti bahawa darwin silap…
    kat aku punya blog pun ada selit sikit. may it will be help him to become a good muslim again.


  2. Posted by Omar Al-Khattab on October 26, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    Deja-Vu to us in Egypt except we made our train Alhamdulliah from Alex to Cairo, However the Taxi ripped us off the deal by charging extra.

    So what was your answer to Khomeini? :p


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